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About Me ...
Personal Information

You already know that I'm from Barisal, I live in the heart of Barisal City. My residence is in Katpatty Road. That is our own residence and we are living there for so long! My parents and brother are still there, only I'm in Dhaka. I like to sit out at the balcony and watch people going by. As my home is in a commercial area it's very easy to see a lot of variety of people every day and their activities. One thing that disturbed us is the Noise out side! But now we are used to and if we move to some other place for night hold it seems so quite to us. Because through out the night we hear the Night-Guards whistling and rickshaws bells and so on.

I have gone to Nuria Kindergarten School for the begining of my student life, then Barisal Zilla School for Secondary stage. BZS is one of the mile-stone of my life. I miss my school times, all my respected teachers and all of friends! I didn't simply notice how fast time ran out and we passed the Secondary School Certificate exam!!! Those were Golden Days!!! I Studied only the Higher Secondary level in Govt. B. M. College but yet I've got a lots of memories of those days! How we used to bunk lectures, going out for naughty matters, sitting beside the Big pond, chasing girls with friends, in the evening going for tuition all together.... .... I wish i could go back to those times again.

Then I went to India for my Graduation and got admitted in Pune University. Oh lord! that is another happening place. I won't describe much about it but I've really enjoyed my time in Pune. Interesting matter is that - the Course i studied named as : BCS not the BCS of our country but That means - Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS). this course is offered only in Pune University in whole India and it is indeed a very good and challenging subject to study! But once you finish it and step into the professional life you'll be able to see life from an eye of an Eagle.

My Cell # : +880-171-557-6388
Date Of Birth : February 09th , 1980.
Marital Status : Married.
Children: 1
Religion : Islam. || Height : 5' 10"
Weight : 70 Kg. || Blood Group : AB (+) ve
Sun Sign : Aquarius

Personal Interest

Studying, Offering Prayer, Playing Basketball & Badminton,
Swimming, Traveling, making Friends, Listening Music, Surfing Net,
Taking Exercise, freaking out and many more ...


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