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My Favorites ...
Favorite Foods-

I like All Types of junk-foods!
Specially I love Chicken Burger, Sauces, Chocolate-Milk, Pizza, Kebab, Paratha, etc.

I also like rich foods such as -
Paulo, Biryani, Bhuna Khicdi, Fried chicken, Red meat, Different type of Birds, Chinese food, etc.

Among our own foods (Bangladeshi) I love "Chingri Bhuna" with Rice, Pui shak, Palank;
Among fishes Pubda, Telapia, Ruhi, Pangash, Saar-Puti, Magur, Koie, Mala, Subarna-gura, etc.

In case of deserts I like Custard, Pudding, Sweets, Firny, Semaya, etc.
Among soft drinks Black-coffee, White drinks (Sprite/7-up/Lemon), and last but not the least "Plain Water".

My BLOGs -

Favorite Hangouts -

I liked to stay alone when i feel bad about something but of course the situation has changed now! Now if i feel bad for some reason then my wife takes over it and makes me smile! Thanks to the Almighty for sending such a lovely person in my life! Still i like to go by the river sides, Greenery, Open fields, Sit in some coffee shop, etc. When i get too much time i like to spend my time in my Bed (Hahahahaha)!!!!

Some of my favorite Links -

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