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My Profession ...

Coming back to my country after my Graduation, I joined a Private firm as a programmer and worked there for about 9 months. then I Switched to Epsilon, a Computer Peripheral Sales & Service Center, worked as a Corporate sales officer & Network Engineer and remained there for 11 months. Leaving that I joined a NGO as an It consultant and from there I came to Insoft where I spent 1 & 1/2 year as a Senior Programmer. It's was a multinational company. During my period here, I had designed & developed many Dynamic database driven websites and many more. Beside giving web solution I worked as a Internal Network Engineer. I Also designed graphics for digital printings. The basic platforms I work in are Adobe photo shop, Adobe Illustrator, Macro media, etc.Then  I switched to Development Research Network (D.Net). Here I was working as an Assistant Director of the Knowledge Management Division. My key responsibilities were to maintain and manage the resource globalization through the web, maintaining the Internal Network, managing Web Servers and ensure smooth operations of these. I enjoyed my tasks over there! I belive, the combination of self-respect, trust, clearness, skills and potentials can bring glory to one's professional life.

Now I'm at MCC- Multimedia Content & Communications Ltd. It's a different experience working here!

To have a look at few of my madness check this - SILVEREAGLE.

There are many more ... ...


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