Bijoy to Unicode Converter

1. Copy and paste SutonnyMJ Bangla text into this box and press "convert and display in unicode" Button

  1. Open a Sutonny Bangla Word document in WordPad (not Word! Word will damage the Bangla when you copy it.). To do that right click the document, and select "Open with.." and "WordPad" from the menu.
  2. Select Bangla text to be converted from WordPad document and paste it into the box above.
  3. Click the button "Convert and display in Unicode". In a few moments, you will see the converted text.
  4. Save the resulting webpage for further use. You can just copy and paste the text from here in to your developing web page.

            "If you are using Office 2003, then just copy the text directly from MSWord and paste it into the box above. No need to open with WordPad."