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Hi There! I'm Mynul, the youngest son of my parents. Among siblings, have only an elder Brother who is My 'Living God'. My Mom is the person whom I Adore the most. Married at the right time so posing a lovely wife beside me 'n I love her a lot. She's the one who has turned up my world into happiness. All of my life I'll do only one thing that is to support my family and try my best to put smiles on their faces. May allah help me for this!

I'm Living in Bangladesh at Barisal. I love to be a "BORISALLIYA" . When people say - 'look, there comes the Borisalliya' i really feel proud b'coz of the past history of my birth place and b'coz of the present status of my division. Barisal is called the 'Venis of Bengal', most of the people are highly educated and holding prestigious posts in different sectors in Bangladesh as well as around the world. I lived and being brought up there. I have studied in 'Nuria Kinder Garten' school for the begining of my student life. Then i swiched to 'Barisal Zilla School' the most renouned school of barisal and passed my S.S.C. from there. I joined the 'Govt. B.M. College' the Oxford of Bangladesh, for my H.S.C. and passed from there. Having a high ambition to become an eminient Computer Software Programmer I flew to INDIA to complete my higher studies and joined 'Pune University'. I finished my Bachelor degree on software programing from there and came back to Bangladesh.

Coming back to my country I joined a job and now I'm quite happy with my works because I find it Interesting. Hahahahaa....


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